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In order to fulfill its goals and missions, Emad company provides the following services:

Penetration testing

Web application, mobile and software hardening

Network hardening

Telecommunication networks hardening

Consulting in purchasing, configuring and maintaining security equipment

Consulting in secure network architecture

Cyber attack simulation


Telecome security

Emad have gathered a group of experts in this domain and have built a specialized team around this subject to provide required security services in terms of core networks security assessment and hardening. This team have recently been hired by several mobile network operators in the country to assess their entire mobile broadband infrastructures.

Web application, mobile and Software hardening and penetration testing

Hardening is to provide and set in place different tools and means of protecting a computer system, in other words, providing different layers of security also known as “defense in depth”. Providing layers of security means to set security measures in host level, application level, OS level, client level, physical level and all lower layers. Each level or layer needs a unique and special hardening method.

Network security hardening

Hardening networks requires extensive planning and design based on international standards. Experience is the key factor in decreasing the chance of failure and in offering solutions in different cases. Using different scanners and tools, it is possible to study the networks, every host, services, open ports, etc. These points can be services that are unnecessary, hosts that should not be accessible and other instances.

Consulting on purchasing, configuration and maintaining security equipment

Security equipment is usually expensive, yet critical. Hence, buying security equipment requirements needs assessment, brand knowledge and so forth and so on. Network security equipment will not improve the security on their own. These pieces of equipment need to be configured to the exact needs and requirements of that network.

Consulting on secure design and redesign of networks

Designing computer networks is a very sophisticated task. Experts in this filed have to be so focused on the performance and stability of the network that often security aspects may be left out of the design or forgotten. Redesigning a network with security in mind, if done right, can solve this issue and improve the security of the network without imposing overheads on the performance.

Cyber attack simulation

Cyber attack simulation -or cyber incident simulation- exercise is the simulation of a cyber incident that can seriously damage an organization. These simulations can help us evaluate and measure how much the organization is prepared to face a cyber security incident or an attack and hence the weak points and point of failure in particular, processes and equipment can be discerned.

Why Emad?

International penetration testing


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Network and infastructure


Ranked 1st by the supreme council of information sciences in security and information exchange

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Security Testing & Assessment


AFTA Operational Services Certificate

Securing & Hardening of Systems, Infrastracture & Services


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